How to Care for Sardinia? When Does It Bloom?

How to Care for Sardinia? When Does It Bloom?

With its fragrant leaves and colorful flowers, geranium is one of the most preferred plants in our homes and gardens. Geraniums make it indispensable because they are the easiest to care for and the plants that adapt the fastest to the environment.

How to grow geranium? What would his favorite environment be like? What are the tricks about geranium care at home and in the garden, all in this article.

Sardinian Features

Geranium, whose homeland is South Africa, has become the most preferred plant in our country, as it is all over the world. Geraniums are very strong hardy plants. Unless there is an abnormal situation, they do not break away from life easily, do not give up on themselves, and do not die. According to the geranium species, there are different very beautiful color varieties in pink, white, red, yellow, purple and hybridized types. There are more than 200 varieties of geranium according to the regions it lives in the world.

There are a few types of geraniums, including dwarf, ivy and normal. Dwarf species grow up to 30 40 cm. Geraniums like airy and moist environments.

Geraniums continue to bloom profusely from the first spring to the end of the last spring, and they continue to bloom throughout the year. Removing the wilted flowers of your geraniums will speed up new blooms.

1- Flower Pot Selection (must be medium size and perforated)

We recommend planting your geranium in medium-sized pots with a diameter of 15 to 20 cm. As a pot selection, geraniums are not very picky, but the pots you will use must be perforated.

2- Soil Selection (Soil should be moist but airy)

Although geraniums are not very picky as soil, the most suitable and beautiful soil should be airy soils that hold moisture with plenty of peat sold for flowering plants. A soil change in the first spring every year will make your geraniums bloom better and healthier. It will be the most suitable choice for your flower to use a maximum pot of one size when changing the soil.

3- Light Selection (It is one of the plants that love sunlight)

Your geraniums should be grown in bright places that receive at least 4 - 5 hours of sun a day. In an environment where these conditions are not met, the leaves of your flowers will be smaller, their branches will be longer and their blooms will be less. Geraniums with low light will have an increased risk of getting sick.

4- Irrigation (It is one of the plants that likes to be watered normally)

Geraniums are plants that like to be bathed. Washing and watering your geranium leaves once a month will make them happy. In the summer, you should water twice a week during the flowering period. In the winter months, once a week will be sufficient.

5- How to Propagate Geraniums (Easy to root and propagate)

You can propagate your geraniums by rooting or cutting. If the root separation method is used during soil change, it will be more suitable for your plants. In the steel method, you can reproduce the branches you cut with the help of a sterilized clean knife from the newly emerging branches of your geranium by soaking it in water and rooting it or by planting it directly into the soil and waiting for it to root. Do not forget to give life water to your geraniums that have just been planted in the ground. Cutting the flowers and buds on the geranium branches you will root will allow your plant to give its energy to rooting. Geraniums are plants that can root very quickly and are easy to plant in the ground. The other way of propagation of geraniums is by sowing seeds. Its seeds germinate within a week to fifteen days. When the new shoots grow up to 5-6 leaves, they are taken to their original place.

6- Geranium Diseases (It is not a plant that gets sick easily)

The most common disease in geraniums is rust. On the leaves of your plants, yellowing occurs from the outside to the inside. In these cases, cutting off the sick branches is the fastest treatment method. Flying may occur as another disease. You can treat insect geraniums by obtaining a mixture of soapy water and suitable pesticides from pesticides. Since geraniums are very hardy plants, they are not plants that will easily get sick and upset you.

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