Practical Tips for Classifying and Decorating Your Living Room Plants

Practical Tips for Classifying and Decorating Your Living Room Plants

When decorating with indoor plants, the plants must be in harmony with each other and with the environment. After these conditions are met, you should not forget that the plants are positioned in lighted areas suitable for living conditions.


When placing the plants in their environment, you should avoid being too crowded. Being too crowded will not provide an advantage in terms of appearance.


Large and small plants in size will be in harmony with each other. Having a certain distance between them will make it look more beautiful and symmetrical in terms of visuality. Plants of the same size will be visually suffocating as they will block each other.


The leaves of the plants can be kept together in the same color or in a contrasting color according to your taste and preference. When positioning plants in an environment, you can group them as opposite in shape or different according to the way they grow. Example: You can create a contrasting harmony by placing a palm-shaped plant next to an ivy plant.


The pot color and size of the plants should be suitable for the environment and plants. It will be more attractive as an image if the pots are in matching colors instead of contrasting colors and have a natural look. Another important issue is the quality and beautiful design of the pots. Make sure there are holes in the bottom of your pots.

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