Anthurium (Flamingo) Flower Care and Recommendations

Anthurium (Flamingo) Flower Care and Recommendations

It is one of the easiest flowers to grow and one of the most preferred flowers in terms of its structure and appearance, which is one of the longest living flowers.

As long as the anthurium flower is positioned correctly and well cared for, it blooms throughout the year. It is one of the plant species that will be satisfied with very little maintenance without tiring you. Its leaves and flowers are heart-shaped in structure. It is one of the most beautiful types of flowers that you can buy as a gift to your mother, wife or friends.

Anthurium flower has many colors. The most preferred ones are the ones with red flowers. Its flowers can stay for a long time without fading like orchids. Anthurium flower likes moist environments. The temperature should not be below 13 degrees. For ideal living conditions, 22 and 28 degrees of heat are his favorite environments.

Care Needs of Anthurium Flower

1- Flower Pot Selection (It should be according to the pot size)

Since your flower is not a very tall plant, it would be appropriate to change the flowerpot every 3 years. When changing the pot, it is necessary to choose a pot that is at most one size larger than the pot it is in. As with all flowering plants, the best time would be to change the pot in April-May at the beginning of spring in Anthurium.

2- Soil Selection (Soil should be moist and airy)

As a soil selection, you should choose permeable airy peat soils, which are not very often. The nutrients and vitamins you will add to the soil twice a year will ensure that your flower blooms more beautifully and is healthy. It would be appropriate to add pumice stone in order to keep the soil airy. This ratio can be 3/1.

3- Light Selection (There should be a semi-shaded, bright environment)

Direct sunlight will damage the leaves and flowers of your Anthurium flower. Bright places with plenty of light will encourage abundant flowering. Incoming sunlight for 1-2 hours at morning sunrise or at sunset in the afternoon will be harmless. The leaves of your flower exposed to too much sunlight will dry out and cause it to die.

4- Irrigation (It is one of the flowers that likes balanced watering)

As with many flowers, the watering of Anthurium flower should be balanced. When the moisture content in the soil decreased, it needed watering. The easiest way to understand this is to dip your finger into the soil of two or three inches and decide according to the moisture in the lower part of the soil. If the soil is dry and has lost its moisture, it is time to water it. You can give your flower solid food or you can give it from plant foods that are sold as liquid. Our recommendation is to use liquid foods sold for orchids and flowering plants. The most easily applied plant foods in terms of use and administration are liquid foods.

5- How to Propagate Anthurium (Root separation method)

It is possible to propagate your Anthurium flower, which fills its pot in spring April May and gives offspring on the lower edges of the pot, by root separation. It will be a good decision for the fry to stay in the main pot before taking a certain amount of time to get stronger. Another reproduction method is the cutting method. In this method, as in all flowering plants, the cut leaf is kept in water or planted directly into the soil to ensure its rooting with good care.

6- Diseases (Leaf rot blackening) 

Red spiders are one of the types of diseases that can happen. They weave a web in your flower, this is the most obvious sign for you to understand. The other condition is blackening or rotting of the leaves, even if it is not a complete disease. The soil is lacking in nutrients and is too dense, the roots are lacking in air, or it has been exposed to excessive air circulation or has received too much sunlight. There are natural or pesticides you can use for red spider disease. A suitable environment should be provided for the other situation.

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