How to Care for a Ribbon Flower? Soil Structure and Irrigation

How to Care for a Ribbon Flower? Soil Structure and Irrigation

An Easy-to-Care Plant That Purifies the Air

Known as the ribbon flower in our country, it is one of the plants that can adapt most easily to its environment. It is one of the elegant different plant species that grows without branches with its leaves with tuberous root structure. It is one of the first plants in the world in terms of cleaning the air. For this reason, we can recommend it to be kept in places where there is smoking or chemical gas residues.

When grown in hanging baskets in your environment, it will reach down very nicely and create a decorative image. Ribbon Flower cannot withstand cold temperatures below 0 degrees. It does not like air circulation. The ribbon flower has white flowers with new sprouts from the stems extending as in the picture.

Ribbon Flower Care Needs

1- Pot Selection (It is compatible with all kinds of flower pots)

It is a very beautiful decorative plant species without branches that fills the pot with its leaves. If you are feeding Ribbon Flowers, you do not need to think much about choosing a pot because it will grow and grow very well in any kind of pot.

2- Soil Selection (Must be loose permeable peat soil)

Since its roots develop in the form of tubers and will compress the soil in time due to its root structure, you should choose a soil that is as loose, airy, moisture-proof as possible and where your plant can grow comfortably. It is sufficient that the soil is only tofu soil. A soil change every two years will be sufficient for your Ribbon Flower.

3- Light Selection (Must be plenty of light)

It is one of the plant species that does not have any difficulties in living in a bright place like many indoor plants in terms of light. When left in very dark environments, the leaves will shrink and become lifeless.

4- Irrigation (Resistant to thirst)

It is one of the plant species that accumulates some of the amount of water you give in its roots due to the tuber shape of its roots and uses the water it has stored in the periods when it is dehydrated. For this reason, it will be sufficient to water the soil by controlling the moisture of the soil with your finger as in normal plants. There will be no harm in waiting until the soil is completely dry. In this regard, it is a flexible plant against thirst due to its roots. As a plant food, it will be sufficient to give liquid nutrients sold for indoor plants twice a year.

5- Duplicating (Very easy)

Your ribbon flower will form new shoots from new stems down from its pot as a growth structure. It is sufficient for the reproduction process to separate these sprouts from themselves and plant them in new pots. It is in the easiest plant group to reproduce.

6- Diseases (Nearly no disease)

It is not a plant that will get sick easily, except that you do not over-water your flower and do not keep it in very cold and windy places. In this respect, it is one of the plants that will not upset you or yourself. It is very resistant to diseases. In other words, it is one of the plants that those who want to look at plants can consider in the first place.

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