Eggshell Fertilizer: Benefit of Eggshell for Plants

Eggshell Fertilizer: Benefit of Eggshell for Plants

 Features of Eggshell Fertilizer

Eggshell fertilizer contains high amounts of calcium and minerals. Thanks to this feature, eggshell fertilizer becomes a very important source of nutrients for plants and is a great soil conditioner for your plants' soil. Now, let's write down the benefits of egg shell fertilizer to plants and soil, respectively.

Benefit of Eggshell for Plants

Many people who feed plants know that eggshell is beneficial for plants. So why do they use eggshells? The reason is that the biggest effect of the calcium in the egg shell is that it is beneficial for cell proliferation in plants. Let's say you give your plants the appropriate plant fertilizers, but your plants do not have the vitality as when you first bought them. The reason for this is that the calcium and minerals found in the egg shell are not found in most of the plant fertilizers.

Plants that are not given egg shells may rot and decrease in development due to calcium and mineral deficiency. A little egg shell that you add to the soil of your plants in spring or when you first plant them will be very beneficial for their development and flowering.

How is Egg Shell Fertilizer Given to Plants?

You can crush the egg shells into small pieces and mix them into the soil. This way it will be easier to dissolve as it gets wet. Before giving the egg shells, wash them cleanly and let them dry in the oven at 100 degrees. In this way, you will disinfect and your egg shells will be cleaned.

Some people put the eggs completely on their land, we never recommend this because it will create an incredibly bad smell with every watering. Another method is to give the plants in the form of liquid fertilizer at certain times and intervals, waiting for the eggs to cool without pouring the water in which they were boiled. Let's not forget that too much of everything is harmful, this also applies to giving the egg shell to your plants in large quantities.

Eggshell Fertilizer Is A Wonderful Soil Conditioner

As we wrote above, the eggshell that you will give to your plants does very well in the soil as well as your plants. Eggshell will increase the pH level of the soils with increased acidity in plants and will make the soil structure balanced.

The unique smell of the egg shell, which we cannot detect, is one of the odors that insects and pests are very uncomfortable with. For this reason, the coarse-grained egg shells that you will sprinkle on the top of your soil will protect your plant from the attacks of insects.

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